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Commodore 64C Personal Computer, Circa 1986.

Vintage computer collecting is one of Jeff's career related hobbies.

About Me

I first developed a passion for computers and technologies as a teenager back in the 1980s. I still have fond memories of those older computers, and to this day still collect and operate some of them as a hobby. (If there are any fellow Commodore Amiga fans reading this, please get in touch and say hello!) From there my passion became a career. Starting in the 90s I owned and operated the Xensei Corporation, one of the first Internet Service Providers and Web Hosting Companies in Massachusetts, something that I continued to do for nearly 10 years. Since then I have worked as a senior systems and networking engineer at a number of well-known Internet companies, including Rackspace Hosting, and I have also provided on-site technology management for a number of small businesses, both independently, and while working for several managed service providers.

I am now semi-retired and enjoying life on the beautiful shores of Puget Sound here in Kingston Washington, and offering my expertise to the local community.

For complete details of my experience, please feel free to view my resumé.

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